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NMERB Public Meeting Notice-Posted 11/27/17

NMERB Investment Committee Meeting Agenda--posted 11/30/17

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NMERB Improving Sustainability State Tour

NMERB's Executive Director Jan Goodwin and Deputy Director Rick Scroggins visited 13 cities across the state to discuss "Improving Sustainability". If you would like to watch a recorded version of this presentation click the image or follow the link:


Click here for the "Improving Sustainability" Press Release

Click here for a PDF of the presentation.



NEW--Press Release--posted 12/5/17

Educators’ pension fund investments posts positive return for the eighth consecutive quarter

The New Mexico Educational Retirement Board fund, which provides defined pension benefits to the state’s public educational employees, posted an investment return of 3.0%, net of management fees for the three months ending September 30, 2017.  This marks the eighth consecutive quarter of positive returns.  The fund has experienced only one negative quarter in the last 17 calendar quarters.

The fund also reached a new high in assets at $12.6 billion, an increase of $365.6 million for the quarter.

As for longer term results, net of investment management fees, the fund investments returned  11.1% over the last twelve months, a gain of approximately $1.3 billion, 8.3% over the last five years and 9.1% since July 1983.

Click here to read the full press release.


NEW--Press Release--posted 12/2/17

A guest editorial in the November 29, 2017 edition of the Albuquerque Journal made several assertions about inadequacies in the investment operations of New Mexico’s public pension funds, the Educational Retirement Board (ERB) and Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA).
In order to address this, let’s start at the top. The stated mission of the ERB is: “Providing secure retirement benefits for New Mexico’s Educational retirement system.” That mission informs and guides all of our activities, including investing. Our board performs its fiduciary duties in this regard by setting our investment allocation and approving investments that will fund our members’ retirement benefits. We invest solely for the benefit of the participants in the fund. Our strategies reflect this mission. We do not invest for the benefit of anyone else including the governor. Any innuendo to the contrary is flat out wrong.

Click here to read the full press release.

Press Release--posted 09/21/17

An article appearing this week in the New York-based International Business Times alleging that Gov. Susana Martinez influenced investment decisions at the New Mexico Educational Retirement Board is simply false. The Governor does not initiate, suggest or influence investment decisions by NMERB. Board Chair Mary Lou Cameron stated, “At NMERB, we focus on roles and responsibilities. The Board’s role is to ensure sustainability of our pension benefits for our members. Our staff’s responsibility is to recommend the best investments to us, while informing us of any political contributions made by investment managers. The funds that we invest in are responsible for complying with rules set up by regulatory agencies, including the SEC. I am very comfortable that all of the investments that the board has made are in the best interests of our members.”

Click here to read the full press release.

NEW-- Letter to the Editor--posted 09/21/17

An article in the New York-based International Business Times alleging that Gov. Susana Martinez influenced investment decisions at the New Mexico Educational Retirement Board is simply false. The Governor does not initiate, suggest or influence investment decisions by NMERB. Staff and Trustees are solely interested in making investments in the best interest of NMERB and its beneficiaries as required by our fiduciary duty. Our members can be confident that politics does not play a role in management of the fund’s resources for their retirement. Laws passed following New Mexico’s prior “pay-to-play” issues focus on placement agents, not campaign contributions. Not only is the NMERB in compliance with state law regarding placement agents, but the policy exceeds the law’s standards. Of the hundreds of investments made by NMERB, the International Business Times found only one that may or may not be in violation of the SEC rules regarding a two-year “blackout” period on contributions. NMERB has asked the manager, EnerVest, for a thorough explanation of this situation.

Click here to read the full letter to the editor.

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For retirees: COLA to be applied FY18--posted 06/15/17

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