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ALERT: NMERB was notified that sales professionals have contacted some NMERB members claiming to represent us and offering insurance products for purchase.  We do NOT authorize any vendor to sell products to our members, so if you are contacted in this manner please gather the sales professional’s information (name, company name, address, phone number) and provide it to NMERB.  We will then contact the firm and demand that they cease this activity. 

RETIREE 1099R Forms: Retiree 1099R forms will be mailed on Thursday, January 28th. If you have moved in the last year, you MUST provide a Change Of Address Form, which may be found on the Download Forms tab. You may fax this document to (505) 989 - 1338 or mail the address change and request a duplicate 1099R Form be mailed to the new address. You MUST include the last four numbers of your Social Security number and a signature on the Change Of Address Form.

Notices and Events


Public Meeting Notice - posted 2/2/16


GASB Letter to the Editor - posted 1/11/16


Public Meeting Notice - posted 12/17/15


Public Meeting Notice - posted 12/10/15


December Board Meeting Agenda - posted 12/10/15


Retirement Seminar Update - posted 12/8/15


Public Meeting Notice - posted 11/23/15


Public Meeting Notice - posted 11/16/15


ERB MRC Meeting Notice - posted 11/06/15


Public Meeting Notice - posted 10/30/15


Public Meeting Notice - posted 10/29/15


GASB 68 Presentation for Employers - posted 9/23/15


Important Investment Information - posted 9/9/15


Public Meeting Notice - posted 9/3/15


GASB 68 Info - posted 9/2/15


Public Meeting Notice - posted 8/7/15


ERB MRC Meeting has been postponed. The meeting is rescheduled for 7/20/15 at 3:00PM - posted 7/16/15


Albuquerque Journal Article regarding ERB Investment Performance - posted 6/11/15

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***Final Notice of Upcoming Changes*** - posted 6/1/15


***Investment New Release*** - posted 6/1/15



Public Meeting Notice - posted 6/1/15


ERB Investment Committee May 28 Meeting Agenda - posted 5/21/15


Public Meeting Notice - Posted 5/8/15


Contribution Rate Sheet - Posted 4/23/2105


Public Meeting Notice - Posted 4/14/15


ERB Investment Committee April 23 Meeting Agenda - Posted 4/14/15


ERB ARP Committee Meeting Agenda - Posted 3/18/2015


Public Meeting Notice - Posted 3/16/2015


RFP Investment Consultant Services - Posted 03/03/2015


Public Comment Notice - Posted 02/20/2015
         Draft Rule Changes


ERB Investment Committee Feb. 26 Meeting Agenda


RFP Disability Evaluation Services - Posted 02/19/2015

                      Questions and Answers- Posted 03/12/2015



2015 Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for Retirees - Posted 02/16/2015


Public Meeting Notice - Posted 02/15/2015


RFP for Internal Audit Services - Posted 12/05/2014


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