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New Mexico Retiree Health Care Authority

Most ERA retirees have a health, dental, vision, long term care, and life insurance
coverage plan available through the New Mexico Retiree Health Care Authority. For
more information about that plan please call NMRHCA at 1 (800) 233-2576, 222-6400 in Albuquerque or visit their website at http://www.nmrhca.state.nm.us. Their offices are located in Albuquerque at 4308 Carlisle Blvd NE Suite 104 or in Santa Fe at 810 West San Mateo Suite D.
Retirees who last worked for New Mexico State University, San Juan College, Clovis
Community College, or the University of New Mexico at the time of their retirement may qualify for continuing benefits through their employers. They do not qualify for NMRHCA benefits unless they worked for a participating NMRHCA employer for at least 5 yearsprior to their service with the above institutions.

Reciprocity ERA/Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA)

The ERA/PERA Reciprocity Act allows service credit under PERA and ERA to be combined for retirement eligibility and benefits. The member should ask the PERA office to verify that service to ERB and vice versa. The retirement application must be filed with the system where the member is last employed. Educational employees having credit under PERA should contact the Educational Retirement Board office sixmonths prior to retirement for an analysis of credit which may be due under this Act. Failure to notify the ERB of such service will result in a loss of benefits for that reciprocal service.

Service time earned under each system is calculated using the rules in effect at the time the time was earned. The earned time total combines for eligibility purposes for each system. An example is a member at age 60 with 15 years of combined service. That person qualifies for a pension from ERB based on the “Rule of 75” but will not qualify for a PERA benefit because PERA requires a person with 15 years to be 62 before a benefit can be granted.



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